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For many seniors and disabled individuals, their homes lack the necessary structural features and support systems that can make independent living a viable and safe option. A design expert can update existing homes with simple changes that add safety for seniors or those with physical challenges, and creates an environment that promotes independent living. This is through features that are intended to enhance safety and inclusiveness for persons of all ages and abilities, based on recommendations of the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, as well as the ADA Accessible Guidelines (where necessary), and recommendations of occupational therapists, and social workers, etc. as needed. The Process A design expert from the firm, who specializes in Aging In Place design needs, evaluates your home for accessibility and safety . They will then make recommendations to resolve physical obstacles and create a safer living environment. These recommendations can be implemented directly by the design expert or specialists (plumbers, carpenters, etc.) will be hired by them to make these changes. These alterations will be made as unobtrusively as possible so that they do not decrease the real estate value, but will hopefully increase it. For clients currently under medical care, we will work closely with healthcare providers to incorporate their requirements into the home modifications, as well as consult with where necessary, an occupational therapist, social worker, etc. At the conclusion of the home inspection and interview(s), a detailed client-specific report will be produced that will detail our recommendation for the home modifications, and other considerations for improving one’s safety and promote independent living. This report will also include a Work Proposal, which will describe in detail the work to be performed, estimated costs, project notes, etc. The client at the time can then hire the firm to perform the work as proposed. Our firm will be then sub-contract out different elements of the Work Proposal as needed to the appropriate specialists, such as plumbers, electricians, etc. to perform the work as specified and ensure it’s done according to plans, within the required timeframe. Examples top to bottom: Stair Lift Roll-in Shower Counter Heights Grab Bars Ease-of-use Handles Walker-width Doorways Outdoor Ramp

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